Age brackets are broken down by sex and into the following age groups: 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-35, 36-50, and 50 & up.

Tournament games will run to 30 points or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. First possession determined by coin toss. Games must be won by at least two points. At the end of the 15-minute regulation, if neither team is ahead by 2 or more points, the court monitor will announce the beginning of overtime and play will continue. The first team with a two-point advantage wins.

Both feet and the ball must go beyond the three-point arch at each change of possession (steals, missed shots, blocks, etc.). All dead balls will be taken out behind the out of bounds line at the top of the court. All jump balls go to the defense.

A minimum of one court referee and one scorekeeper from the host organization will monitor all games. They will oversee game play, ensure start of game, keep time and score, and report winner and loser to a supervisor.

Court Referees will call all fouls. Starting with the 7th team foul, the person fouled may choose to attempt a 2–point shot from the foul line or a 3-point shot from behind the arch. If they make the 2-point shot – the defense gets the ball. If they miss it – the offense retains possession. If they attempt the 3-point shot, the defense gets the ball regardless if the shot is made or missed.

All intentional fouls and technical fouls will result in a 2-point shot attempt and possession of the ball. A player receiving two technical fouls in one game will be disqualified from that game.

Each team will get two – 25 second time outs.

All shots taken from inside the arch will count for two points. All shots taken from outside the arch will count for three points.

Tournament will be double elimination.

Players must leave game for first aid if bleeding.

No dunking or intentional grabbing of the rim, net or backboard.


For participants under sixteen years of age, each team must be accompanied by at least one adult.